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Holistic password security

Project Information

ThemeMu Studio
December 11, 2016
Consulting, financial

How safe are your passwords from a cyber attack?

The WHY?

The goal of passwords is to protect assets and resources while ensuring access to those that have a confirmed need. Anything that can compromise the passwords risks compromising this goal. You need to consider what passwords you will accept, and mitigate against internal (insiders) and external (hackers, malware, social
engineering) threats.

Reducing or mitigating attack vectors reduces the probability of a compromise or breach…and continues to keep your and your client data safe. 

  • 521 publicly compromised websites including Linkedin, Facebook, Experian, MyHeritage, Sony, Pixlr, Snapchat, Xiaomi, Vodafone, Yahoo, Plex, Patreon, Kickstarter
  • 11,145,906,797 (11+ billion) publicly compromised accounts
  • 613,584,246 real world passwords leaked online
  • modern hardware can test billions of passwords a second
  • 90% of passwords can be cracked in less than six hours
  • ‘123456’ appears 24 million times in the password breaches
  • over 50% of people didn’t change their password after a breach was uncovered
  • 59% still use the same password everywhere

Our services

We offer a comprehensive review of your IT Security
policies against current recommended practices, or
will help you draft a policy that suits your needs.
We independently verify your systems are aligned to
your policies and can test your resilience to online and
offline attacks.

We can also work with you to create suitable cybersecurity training for your employees and IT staff.

The HOW?

Password Good Practice


Resist Online Attacks (Credential Stuffing)


Resist Offline Attacks (Cracking)

The HOW?

Add more technical mitigations

Invest in security education for your users

Keep users knowledgeable and vigilant. Developing a strong cybersecurity culture will go a long way in increasing the security posture of your organization.

Implement or improve your processes

Our clients


Corrective activities