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Technology solutions

We are your trusted partner delivering quality services built on 20+ years of our experience

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“We are your trusted partner delivering quality services built on 20+ years of our experience” - Tomáš Lejtrich, CEO

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HW, SW & solutions

We are a certified Dell, Oracle and ThriveDX partner. Succesful delivery od various solutions, HW and SW delivery projects, cloudification

Management consulting

Management & HR consulting | Cost optimization | Financial planning | Product pricing model | Structural EU funds consulting & projects

Business process automation

Are you concerned that in today’s online digital world you are not “configured” safely and privately? Have you previously been inconsistent in your IT security


Data Protection Officer (DPO) as-a-service, remote & on-site

IT security awareness

Awareness of IT security & online behavior principles of the employees is key to protect the organization .We make it happen – online and interactive

Employee IT security

We evaluate employee IT security & online behavior awareness
We perform a simulated phishing attack allowing you to finetune your organization’s IT security program

Password policy

One thing is the Password policy and password rules, the other one is its enforcement!
Username & password? 2FA? Single-sign-on? Passwordless or usernameless ?

Vulnerability assessment

We will allow you to understand the strong and weak points of your current system pointing out the opportunity to improve and develop your system.

Penetration testing

A SAFE Activity attempting to bypass or compromise security controls of the systems by simulating same techniques as hackers do.

IT management & consulting

IT strategy | Modernization | IT Exit strategy | Vendor management & IT sourcing | ITSM implementation and validation (ITIL) | IT charging & budget

Project management

We ensure your small to mid-sized projects are managed for success.
We establish or optimize your Project management office – PMO.

Data protection & People

Data privacy tools & management | SW Data protection solutions – DLM, DMS Cyber rating solution | website scanning