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Assessment of user on-line security (single-user)

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Digital security services

Are you concerned that in today’s online digital world you are not “configured” safely and privately? Have you previously been inconsistent in your IT security with access heats, SW installation or data sharing? Or do you need confirmation from a specialist that everything is in order, for your complete peace of mind?

We will carry out a ‘digital’ security assessment specially designed for the IT user at home. We will check all the major threats that put your digital security at risk. The Online User Security Evaluation Service is the first block in our Digital Security Services. Further professional services addressing deeper and more complex problems and solutions are a possible continuation.

We will give you the answers to:

  • Is your e-mail address part of the data leak, is it at risk?
  • Do you have the proper access codes, are they immune to attack?
  • How much of your home exposed and vulnerable to online attackers?
  • Is your computer, email, and Wi-Fi set up safely for privacy?
  • How safe is your Internet browser?
  • Is your computer infected with a virus or malware?
  • Are the data on your computer secure?
  • How do you have secure data in case of theft or computer loss?

We do it consistently:

At the end of the 60-minute online service you will receive a complete, personalised report from us for a detailed overview of the problems encountered and a recommendation. The report itself can be used to further solve problems on its own, or we will be happy to help you understand and solve them.

We do it consistently:

  • Once you have received the piper code, you will book a date and time suitable for performing the service
  • Run Teamviewer before you start
  • 60 minutes of rest

What we need from you:

  • Registration
  • Sending a minimum of 1, a maximum of 3 e-mail addresses
  • Provision of a telephone number
  • Installed Teamviewer

Mac and Linux users

The service is primarily focused on the Windows 10 user, as it contains several Windows specific parts of the evaluation. Nevertheless, Mac and Linux users will also benefit from a part of the service independent of the operating system (e.g. verifying the risk of an email address), even if they do not receive a full report.

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