Vulnerability and penetration testing

We will simulate scenarios as an external attacker would like to infiltrate to the enterprise. We provide attacking securely, safely and ethically in cooperation with customer IT and within discussed scope.

With our professional penetration testers, and our methodology which is based on NIST SP800-115,OSSTMM,PTES and Adaptive Penetration Test, we are able to identify your weaknesses in your external/internal network, web application and mobile platforms.

This is achieved through assembling a RED team (white-hat hackers) in a physical location, a virtual RED team or placing specialist at your location. We have access to the best people in the world

Penetration testing

It is the attempt to bypass or compromise security controls of the systems by simulating same techniques as hackers do.

Vulnerability assessment

We will make you understand the strong and weak points of your current system which is leading to where you can start improving and developing your system.

Cyber Security Trainee

Training can help you familiarize with risk factors, how to protect, encounter and recover the system. Train your employees to be resilient to cyber attacks

Password policy

Description of Password policy service