IT Security & Cyber security services

Employees and IT users (''endpoints'') are in many cases the weakest link in the organizations readiness to withstand cyber attacks. Our services focus on: •Endpoint security •IT users awareness of IT security and their behavior online •Application and enforcement of security processes •Testing of infrastructure •Practical audits of processes and IT security measures •Data leak monitoring

Penetration testing

It is the attempt to bypass or compromise security controls of the systems by simulating same techniques as hackers do.

Vulnerability assessment

We will make you understand the strong and weak points of your current system which is leading to where you can start improving and developing your system.

Cyber Security Trainee

Training can help you familiarize with risk factors, how to protect, encounter and recover the system. Train your employees to be resilient to cyber attacks

Password policy

One thing is the Password policy, the other things is its enforcement!
Username&password -> 2FA -> SSON -> password-/usernameless ?

Employee IT security

We evaluate employees IT security awareness
We simulate a phishing attack
We define organization's education needs

Data leak monitoring

Has data such as login credentials of your employees been leaked and ''is on sale''?
Validating leaked data risk
Continuous data leak monitoring service